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"GHRoW Scholarships provide the opportunity for many students to receive a life changing education at SVA. Supporters of the GHRoW Foundation are instrumental in promoting quality education and giving a chance for deserving students to afford a Christian education and the jump start they need to attend SVA. Thank you to all those who have dedicated their time, money and resources to provide SVA students an EDUCATION FOR LIFE." —Travis Johnson, SVA Principal (2012-2014)

"GHRoW Scholarships have provided much needed help to fill the gap in the financial plan of many students at SVA. With these scholarships we are able to retain some of the highest achieving students each year and make it possible for them to acquire the quality education to which SVA is committed. There is no way to fully measure the impact this support has made on the lives of the students assisted." —Spencer Hannah, SVA Principal (2008-2012)

"The GHRoW Foundation has a track record of awarding scholarships where they make a significant difference. I have found the GHRoW Foundation Board of Directors responsive to financial needs brought to their attention with funding from the Foundation and/or funding from their personal resources. With the establishment of the Rudolph Scott Handel Scholarships, additional funds will be available to carry on the mission of helping deserving students attend Shenandoah Valley Academy. I whole-heartedly support this organization and their mission of helping worthy students with proven leadership abilities." —Dale Twomley, SVA Principal (1974-1978, 2006-2008)

"The GHRoW Foundation has been a critical part of the financial support necessary for parents to afford private Adventist education at Shenandoah Valley Academy. More than just financial aid for those in need however, GHRoW takes a refreshingly holistic view of the students they support. The scholarships they provide reward a balanced experience at SVA through academic acheivement, leadership and service activities fulfilled, and long-term retention with the multi-year distribution of funds. GHRoW scholars are expected to lead by example while they are students at SVA, and perhaps even more importantly, in their lives that follow.

"There is a circular attitude by those that created and those that support the Foundation. We have all benefitted in some manner by those that came before us ... the GHRoW Foundation puts that philosophy into practice by returning to the institution a measure of what SVA provided to us all during our time there. A GHRoW scholar recognizes that responsibility when they accept the scholarship.

"I'm proud to have witnessed the good that is done at SVA through the GHRoW Foundation. The return on any investment made will most certainly be eternal! " —Steve Blackburn, SVA Class of 1979, Vice Principal for Financial Administration (2002-2006)

"Jumpstart scholarships have enabled kids with strong academics yet weak financial situations to come to SVA and realize their full potential academically. Also, and the most exciting thing to me, is that they figure out who they are in Christ and how their life can impact a whole community."
—Gail Romeo, SVA Recruitment Director (2007-2010)

GHRoW Scholars...

"I received the GHRoW Foundation Scholarship at a very critical time in my life. During my sophomore year my father became very ill. His illness required surgery and extensive medical treatment. The time away from his job and the medical bills threatened my ability to remain at SVA. However, God provided the financial means through donors of the GHRoW Foundation. Today I am proud to be a 2011 graduate from SVA. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the GHRoW scholarship. In my four years at SVA, I was able to build lasting friendships, seek counsel from a God fearing staff, and most importantly, grow in my personal relationship with Christ. Currently, I am studying to be a secondary math teacher and hope to be able to work at a school like SVA where I can be part of giving students the wonderful experience I received. Thank you." —E. U.

"There are no words to describe how much your generosity and support means to me and my family. This year at Shenandoah Valley Academy I am very excited to be taking new classes, meeting new people and having new experiences....You have no idea how much your kindness and aid means to us. We are so grateful for the GHRoW Foundation and I hope you know your gift does not go unappreciated because it is very much so. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience Christian education for two more years. I can't wait to see what God has in store!" —J. C.

"Thanks to the GHRoW Foundation, my family and I are able to afford to pay the tuition for my Christian education. My being at SVA today is indebted to the generosity of the donors of GHRoW Foundation. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be at SVA right now. I appreciate their generosity and thoughtfulness. May they continue to be blessed as they have blessed others." —S. R.

"The GHRoW Foundation Scholarships have been a great blessing in helping me attend Shenandoah Valley Academy. I think that GHRoW scholarships are a great way of rewarding students who are persistent in maintaining high grades and plan on a successful future that will benefit those around them. The sponsors of GHRoW are much appreciated in their mission of supporting Christian education financially." —A. N.

"I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for all of your support and contributions involving my academic career. The GHRoW Foundation has helped me achieve a great Christian education at Shenandoah Valley Academy by assisting my family and me financially. Both of my parents are hardworking people who support Christian education for their children. I am very appreciative for the immense generosity that has been bestowed upon my family and myself." —M. W.

"I consider myself very lucky to have been a GHRoW recipient. Some of my greatest memories are from my four years at SVA and my best friends to this day are the people I graduated with." —C. W.


"The GHRoW scholarship was a special blessing as it was given to the last of my eight children to go through our academies. It was not just the scholarship but that it came from former alumni to help the current students. [This is] a gift, I pray, that will motivate each student who receives it to 'pay it forward'." —R. W.

"The GHRoW scholarship was a Godsend to us....getting that GHRoW scholarship actually made [our daughter] work harder so that she wouldn't let down the people who were so generously helping her, and us, with her tuition." —M. C.