The GHRoW Foundation

Supporting Private Christian Education.


The GHRoW Foundation was established in 1991 to support private Christian education and has since become a leading source of scholarship funds to Shenandoah Valley Academy (SVA) students.

The scholarships awarded by the foundation are designed to attract exceptional students, retain outstanding students with financial needs and support and reward campus leadership.

The GHRoW Foundation board and supporters endeavor to directly fund scholarships and establish endowments to assure funding of scholarships in perpetuity to support the Christian educational mission of SVA.


On August 8, 1991, four graduates from Shenandoah Valley Academy (SVA) sat talking. They were still young, fresh out of college; some were starting families, others their careers, and all of them their lives. In between hands of Rook and bites of pizza, they reflected on their alma mater’s impact on their lives. Were it not for SVA, one of them said, he’d still be pumping gas on Long Island; now he was in graduate school. These four had met at SVA, learned together, grown together, and been changed together. SVA had changed them for the best, and each could see God’s hand tracing his life to and through this school. And this was the very thing they were discussing: they had gained so much; how could they give back?

Each of them credits another with the idea, but one of them first said it: a scholarship. There was no excuse of lack of funds, inexperience in non-profits, or being too young (though all were true); each of them gave what they could: $10 each, $40 total. They handed their $10 to Scott, the accountant of the group, and they continued to give that way for three years. No scholarships yet, only saving. They didn’t know it yet, but Byron Greenberg, Scott Handel, David Reile, and Tony Williams were embarking on a journey.

The GHRoW board (the name created from the first letter of each founder’s last name) awarded its first Merit Scholarship in 1994 to Sarah Axmaker. Over the years scholarships have been fine tuned to benefit SVA students. Today the Merit Scholarship helps with financial needs and encourages academics, a strong work ethic, community service and philanthropy. Following the death of co-founder Scott Handel, GHRoW created the R. Scott Handel Leadership Scholarship that is awarded to an outstanding leader, just like Scott.

The number of GHRoW supporters grows every year. The board has increased and today it also includes former GHRoW scholars. Like the Founders, the GHRoW Scholars want to give back.  Ways to give have grown from giving Scott a $10 bill to vehicle donations, employer matching, and estate planned gifts. This journey has helped over 150 students with over $800, 000 in donations for students ($600,000 in scholarship awards and $200,000 endowed for scholarships). That is a testament to the truth that Adventist education and its eternal impact are worthy of investment. Thank you for investing in eternity.

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, the GHRoW Foundation story appeared in the Adventist Review in 2016.  That article can be found on their site:

David, Tony, Byron and Scott (1990)

Byron, Tony, Scott and David (Mar 2008)

First GHRoW Scholar, Sarah (Axmaker) Coulter with her family (2016).

The GHRoW Board

Tony Williams


GHRoW co-founder; SVA Class of 1982; Resides in Columbia, MD.

David Reile


GHRoW co-founder; SVA Class of 1982; Resides in Collegedale, TN.

Emely Umaña


SVA Class of 2011; GHRoW Scholar (2009-2011); Resides in Centreville, VA.

Mark Griffin


SVA Class of 1982; Resides in Silver Spring, MD.

Lauron Henkel


SVA Class of 1993; Resides in Silver Spring, MD.

Kimberly Handel

SVA Class of 1983; Resides in Franklin, TN.

Polly Roberts

SVA Class of 1983; Resides in Silver Spring, MD.

Barbara Suddarth

TA Class of 1981; Resides in Collegedale, TN.

Honorary Board Members

Byron Greenberg

SVA Class of 1982; GHRoW co-founder; GHRoW Board (1991-2015).

Paul Ware

SVA Class of 1983; GHRoW Board (1997-2011).

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