GHRoW Scholars

Supporting Private Christian Education

Today the GHRoW experience is much more than receiving scholarship dollars on a student’s school account. The GHRoW board seeks to engage and encourage the students in different ways throughout the school year.

In December, usually during Candlelight Concert weekend, the GHRoW board visits with the students and provides a survival gift bag. The gift bags are strategic in helping the students survive semester exams.

Each Spring the board travels to the Valley and meets the students and a few SVA staff in Harrisonburg where they’re treated to pizza and ice cream.

Their birthdays are remembered with a card and personal reminder that they’re in our hearts and prayers. Whenever the GHRoW board is on campus, whether it be for Alumni Weekend, an SVA Board meeting or during graduation weekend, they’re seeking to connect with the familiar faces of the GHRoW scholars.

Encouraging the GHRoW scholars has been a blessing to those on the GHRoW board. It is apparent that the GHRoW Experience is meaningful to the students as well. Their notes of appreciation clearly communicate that they appreciate all those who make GHRoW Scholarships and SVA possible for them.