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Investing in students at Shenandoah Valley Academy
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GHRoW Scholarships encourage excellence, service, leadership and philanthropy in SVA students.

100% of donations go to fund scholarships.

Over $500,000 awarded to 145 SVA students.

Over $150,000 endowed for scholarships.

Scholarships for SVA students since 1991.

What the GHRoW scholars are saying…

Amber… “Without GHRoW I would not be at SVA, if I was never at SVA, I would never have been baptized,… I really appreciate it and hope to be able to do what you have done for me …”


Meredith…  “I enjoyed going out to eat pizza and ice cream with GHRoW and my friends!! It was great fun and I really appreciate all you do.”


Andrea… “My family and I very much appreciate your help. SVA has been good for me. I will never forget the memories and friends from SVA. Thank you for making this possible.”

Madeleine… “I am very grateful. Your generosity has inspired me. One day I want to be able to help kids obtain a Christian Education. Thanks again!”


Recent Events

Pizza and More

Pizza and More

Each December the GHRoW board puts together gift bags for our scholars and delivers them just before exams. This past school year the GHRoW board met with the students and a few of their parents in the student center during Candlelight weekend. In March the...

2016 GHRoW Seniors Graduate from SVA

2016 GHRoW Seniors Graduate from SVA

May 2016 — Seven GHRoW seniors were among the SVA class of 2016. "Thank you for making SVA possible" is a common theme among the thank you notes received from the GHRoW scholars.

25th Anniversary Scholarships Established and Awarded

February-May 2016 - In celebration of the GHRoW Foundation's anniversary (1991-2016), GHRoW 25th Anniversary Scholarships were created.  SVA faculty and staff were asked to select eight students (two each in Feb, Mar, Apr and May) who exemplify the GHRoW spirit of...