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SVA Student Receiving Her GHRoW Scholarship at Alumni Weekend.

GHRoW Foundation Merit Scholarship

The GHRoW Foundation Merit Scholarship (GFMS) was established as a need based scholarship to provide financial assistance to deserving SVA students. The first GFMS of $1,000 was awarded to a single SVA student. Today multiple SVA students receive GFMS totaling more than $25,000 annually.

Sophomore students who also attended SVA their freshman year are eligible for the GFMS. The GFMS applicants must have financial need, be employed by the school during the school year, meet minimum grade requirements and submit, as part of the application process, a 1-2 page essay expressing their values and goals. The GHRoW Board of Trustees (all alumni of SVA) then meet to select the GHRoW Foundation Scholarship recipient(s).

The original GHRoW Foundation Scholarship was designed to have immediate, direct and extended impact in helping deserving SVA students. To that end, the award amount(s) for the GFMS each year are based upon the donations received during the previous year, and 100% of the funds received are awarded in scholarships.

In an effort to spread out the benefit of this scholarship and provide assistance each year, the scholarship is delivered in four equal installments. The scholarship recipient will receive ¼ of their scholarship at each of the following times: (1) February of the award year (Sophomore year); (2) September of the Junior year; (3) & (4), September and March of the Senior year. The GHRoW Scholar must remain in good standing at SVA and maintain the grade and working requirements to receive each installment of the GHRoW Foundation Scholarship.

Applications for the GHRoW Foundation Scholarship and the submission details may be obtained by contacting the SVA Vice Principal of Finance.

Rudolph Scott Handel Scholarship

Scott was a founder of GHRoW, a 1982 graduate of SVA and he was a firm believer in the many benefits of the academic and Christian education he received there. Scott was a strong supporter of GHRoW, both financially and in volunteering his time to serve on the Board of Trustees and as its treasurer for many years.

After Scott’s untimely death in December 2008, the Board of Trustees established a scholarship in his honor – naming it the Rudolph Scott Handel Scholarship (RSHS). At the same time, Scott’s family designated that in lieu of flowers, friends and family could consider sending donations to the GHRoW in memory of Scott. Those “in lieu of flowers” donations were used to establish an endowment which funds the RSHS. Every year since its creation the RSHS endowment has grown through donations and it recently reached a principal balance of $75,000. Earnings from the endowment are awarded.

Scott was a leader during and since his days at SVA. While a student Scott was his class president for both his Junior and Senior year. He was also the president of his MBA class and served in many other leadership positions throughout his career. As a result, the RSHS has been designed to be a scholarship which rewards exceptional leadership. SVA students serving in particular leadership roles are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Those eligible for the RSHS are the class presidents for the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes as well as the Student Association president and the Boys and Girls Club presidents.

Applications for the Rudolph Scott Handel Scholarship and the submission details may be obtained by contacting the SVA Vice Principal of Finance.

Scott Handel (right) participating in the SVA Alumni Golf Tournament

Jump Start Scholarship

At the beginning of each school year there may be incoming students with significant financial needs that might prevent them from enrolling. When all resources (student, parent, church/sponsor, SVA, other scholarships, etc.) have been exhausted and a financial gap remains, Jump Start Scholarship funds may be requested.

Funds for the Jump Start Scholarships are raised by annual donations from GHRoW supporters. These are one-time grants and there is no formal application process. These funds are provided by the GHRoW Foundation in response to specific requests made by SVA administration. While no set amount exists for Jump Start Scholarships, the typical award amount ranges from $500 to $2,000. If you or someone you know needs financial support to enroll at SVA, please contact the SVA Vice Principal of Finance.

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