2013 GHRoW graduates

2013 GHRoW Seniors (left to right): Aren, Christina, Mikayla, Lissette and Gabriel.

May 2013 — Over 50 students graduated on May 26 and among them were five GHRoW scholars. Three of the graduating seniors, Christina Champion, Garbriel Contreras-Garcia and Mikayla Martin, were awarded GHRoW scholarships totaling $17,500 their sophomore year (2011). The scholarships were distributed over the student’s last 3 years at SVA.

Also, two R. Scott Handel Leadership (RSHL) scholars graduated with the class of 2013. Aren Bruce received the RSHL scholarship, awarded annually to an outstanding leader, his Junior Year (2012). And 2013 graduate, Lissette Rivera, received the leadership scholarship this year.