Since its inception in 1994, the GHRoW Merit Scholarship has been awarded to SVA students in the middle of their sophomore year. That timing, and a few other details, changed this year with input from SVA leadership.

Financial need, extracurricular activities, academics and submitting an essay remain central in the scholarship application. However, eligible applicants are now newly enrolling freshmen or sophomores. This enables the possibility of a GHRoW Scholarship to be used in recruiting and for the support you help to provide to be part of a student’s entire financial plan.

Renewal each year still requires financial need, meeting academic standards and for the student to work on campus. Added this year is community service is now required for a scholarship to continue. And when GHRoW Scholars reach their senior year, students must submit a short essay describing a non-profit and why this organization appeals to them. GHRoW scholars are then enabled to give to

their selected non-profit through funds donated by GHRoW Board Members. The intent is to encourage students to consider what is important to them and experience a taste of giving.

2018 Merit Scholars (left to right): Front – Jessica Palacios, Giovanna Moraes, Gracie Morris, Jessica Marroquin, Abby Willis / Back – Ethan Reinoehl, Allen Moulder, Seth Mace. PC: Laura Short

2018 awards

The newly crafted merit scholarship was awarded to eight 8th grade students enrolled at SVA in the fall of 2018. A total of $41,000 was awarded in merit scholarships to Seth Mace, Jessica Marroquin, Giovanna Moraes, Gracie Morris, Allen Moulder, Jessica Palacios, Ethan Reinoehl and Abby Willis. The new GHRoW Scholars have received one quarter of their scholarship funds and will be awarded the same amount each year the renewal criteria is met.