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Investing in students at Shenandoah Valley Academy
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GHRoW Scholarships encourage excellence, service, leadership and philanthropy in SVA students.

100% of donations go to fund scholarships.
Over $475,000 awarded to 135+ SVA students.
Over $125,000 endowed for scholarships.
Scholarships for SVA students since 1991.

What the GHRoW scholars are saying…

Amber… “Without GHRoW I would not be at SVA, if I was never at SVA, I would never have been baptized,… I really appreciate it and hope to be able to do what you have done for me …”


Meredith…  “I enjoyed going out to eat pizza and ice cream with GHRoW and my friends!! It was great fun and I really appreciate all you do.”


Andrea… “My family and I very much appreciate your help. SVA has been good for me. I will never forget the memories and friends from SVA. Thank you for making this possible.”

Madeleine… “I am very grateful. Your generosity has inspired me. One day I want to be able to help kids obtain a Christian Education. Thanks again!”


Recent Events

2016 Merit and RSH Leadership Scholars Selected

Jan 2016 — On January 31 the 2016 R. Scott Handel (RSH) Leadership and Merit Scholarships were awarded. Senior class president, Ming Kim (pictured far left) received the 2016 RSH scholarship along with $2,000 which was applied to her SVA school bill. Merit...

Gift Bags for Students

Dec 2015 —The GHRoW board members are each SVA graduates and recall the stress of exams. Just prior to mid year exams the GHRoW board meets to put together gift bags for the GHRoW students. This year they were joined by Dale Twomley, Don Short and Janel Ware from the...

Dear GHRoW,

I want to thank you for everything you have contributed toward my education.  Because of your scholarship, I am able to go to an amazing school which gives me many opportunities.  I am in a place where I feel the presence of God.  At SVA, we’re all a family .  There’s no place I’d rather be.  I appreciate that you are the reason I am able to be here.  And because of that, I will forever be grateful.  Thank you.

With much appreciation,

2015 Jump Start Scholar

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Jump Start Scholarships Awarded for 2015-2016 School Year

Aug 2015 - Jump Start scholarships are provided to assist first time enrolling students at Shenandoah Valley Academy.  Students are recommended by SVA for Jump Start scholarships based upon financial need.  This year $6,000 was awarded to six Jump Start scholars...