February-May 2016 – In celebration of the GHRoW Foundation’s anniversary (1991-2016), GHRoW 25th Anniversary Scholarships were created.  SVA faculty and staff were asked to select eight students (two each in Feb, Mar, Apr and May) who exemplify the GHRoW spirit of scholarship, leadership, service and spirituality.  SVA provided a short write-up on each student selected as well as a photo.  Each selected student received $1,025 as part of their GHRoW Anniversary Scholarship.  The following students were selected to receive anniversary scholarships by the SVA faculty and staff: Becky Renderos and Judd Watson (Feb 2016); Bethany Edwards and Luke Fogg (Mar 2016); Shayla Coronel and Sammy Aquino (Apr 2016); and Lelana Staszak and Trystan Gammon (May 2016).